Growing India needs to meet its growing financial demands. As a start-up in an emerging India, we take pride to partner with you, in your journey for a better financial life! Financial worries should not be a weight that you should carry alone.

Safety First

  • Growing India needs to meet its growing financial mands.
  • As a start-up in an emerging India, we take pride to
    partner with you.

Max Value

  • You can take home a max. of 75 - 85% of your Gold value
    in cash.
  • Interest gets calculated on a daily basis, based on the
    outstanding of the loan


  • You can avail flexible repayment options. Do speak to us
    for more details on this.

Gold Return

  • Your Gold will be returned damage-free to you, after your
    loan and interest has been cleared.
  • There are no hidden charges in anything that we do.

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No need to wait any more to ride your dream car or bike home! With affordable interest rate loans, quick approval systems, convenient and a friendly approach to help make your paper work easy, Money2Me hopes that you will soon take your family out for joyrides!

Key highlights of Vehicle 2 Me loan offer:

  • Loans of upto 90% of your dream vehicle cost
  • Speedy approvals, without wasting your precious time
  • Convenient and hassle-free paper-work
  • Minimum documentation required
  • Finance available on all major brands
  • Longest repayment period upto 36 months
  • Avail online eligibility facility

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Whether you are a business owner, proprietor, heading a group of limited companies or running your own small enterprise - only financial strength can give you growth with peace of mind. To ensure, nothing comes your way while chasing your business growth, we offer the following hassle-free, easy-to-apply, faster processing business loans:

Small Business Loan

  • We understand that as a small business enterprise owner, you may face difficulties while raising funds from banks.
  • This is exactly why we are here to help! Our strong credit assessment and scoring system helps advance quick business loans to you.
  • Please note, our loans are planned as Term Loans or Overdrafts, held against fixed assets owned by you.

What is a Term Loan?

  • With Term Loans, you can tailor-make terms to suit your business requirements. With transparent and straight-forward repayment procedures,
  • Term Loans can be well-planned thanks to EMI’s that will help you control your cash flow and annual budgeting.

What is an Overdraft Loan?

  • These kinds of loans are often quicker to arrange and are far more flexible in nature.
  • This means that you only pay interest for the exact no. of days on the amount of money loaned, as used during the period of loan.

Key highlights of our Business 2 Me loan offer:

  1. Higher loan amount available for longer tenure and at an attractive rate of interest!
  2. Quick loan approvals and easy documentation!
  3. Loan tenure ranges from: 24 months up to 60 months!
  4. Turn-around-time (TAT) is only 10 to 15 days!
  5. Door-step service for time saving!

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Why ask others when you can fund your dreams yourself? Being self-dependent is now possible! Continue to grow your business plans, small or big and beat all financial odds with smart use of your existing property
LAP (Loan Against Property) is a unique mortgage loan system that helps ensure you don't face a financial crunch, even while you continue to occupy your property for personal or commercial use.

What are the ways you can use a LAP fund?

  • For business expansion
  • For debt consolidation
  • For converting working capital limit to a Term Loan
  • To purchase plant machinery
  • For converting your current loan at an attractive rate of interest
  • For foreign travels, marriages in the family, educating your children and other personal requirements

Key highlights of our Property 2 Me LAP loan offer:

  1. Quick loan approval and disbursal
  2. Get the maximum market value of your property
    • Safe storage of documents
    • Loan transfers with top-ups
    • Doorstep service for time saving

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Money respects those who respect it. Earning your hard-earned money isn't just enough. You need to save it, grow it, protect it and above all reap benefits from it, in the days to come. At Money2Me, we help plan your financial life, as per your need, to ensure you stay away from financial downfalls, and an uncertain future.


  • Always have your one-call away, friendly, financial advisor by your side
  • Take sound advice about investments, Mutual Funds, SIP’s, Banking do’s and don’ts, FD’s, Debentures and other financial products from us
  • Protect and preserve your assets from financial losses due to natural disasters, unknown events, etc.
  • Plan your taxes better with wise guidance, every year


  1. Protect your family with the right insurance plan
  2. Plan for unexpected medical expenses with the right health insurance

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Gold loans now from the comfort of your home.

  • Apply for a gold loan by phone or through our mobile app
  • We visit your registered address
  • Instant KYC and Gold Valuation

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